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A program design to work with interested community members but, with main emphasis on students in Hidalgo County.

This project is an essential part of Border Issues of Texas, Inc. to achieve and maintain financial self-sufficiency over time and was generated from our organization board of directors, as an end result of a 2016 Hidalgo County social research study.

  • This project provides Hidalgo County low-income and vulnerable residents who normally don’t qualify for a traditional bank loan with the opportunity to live in an environmentally safe and decent wood frame manufactured home, featuring all the qualities that are popular among other similar housing projects.


  • All home designs are American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, foreseeing the increase of disabilities due to aging, and diabetes related amputation in our region.

  • This vocational system is been developed in collaboration with South Texas College Technology Campus, The University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley College of Engineering and Computer Science by incorporating instructors and students pursuing a career within the following programs:

*Civil Engineering *Architectural & Engineering Design Technology *Construction program     *Electrician Technology Program       

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